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It's time for your brand to be as amazing as you are.

You know your stuff. You work hard, and that work matters: to your customer, your community and the people you serve. Just one question: Is your brand as compelling as your cause? Is your graphic design representing the fantastic service you provide? Good design is good business. Whether you need full branding, a brand refresh or even just one knockout project, we can help you create materials that get results. And you can get back to making a difference.


Hi, I'm Kate.

If there is one thing to understand about me, it's that I'm passionate to the point of nerdy about branding. You may not know me yet, but we are about to become best friends. With 15+ years of experience in strategic branding and art direction in agencies and the corporate sector, I'm ready to turn my energy to the brand that matters most. Yours. 

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